Story of My Life: Nasrin Rezai, Global Chief Information & Product Security Officer, General Electric

December 28, 2018 / GuidesFor Team

It’s true that more than books, guides, and manuals, life lessons in general may be learned from experiences, whether it is your own experience or stories you’ve heard from others. In this article, you’ll get a sneak peak fn the life of Nasrin Rezai. She is the first female Chief Information Security Officer and Product Cyber Security at General Electric. She is in charge of all the cyber security concerns, strategies, and operations fro GE products and enterprises. It may seem a big role for a woman to handle but it’s not about the gender but the capabilities of the heat and mind. Read on and be inspired with her journey, the lessons she learned along the way in a seemingly “man’s world, especially when it comes to managing IT technology. -Marie Soriano

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