Cisco’s New AI-Powered Predictive Services

December 28, 2018 / GuidesFor Team

The information technology environment today may seem more complex and competitive than ever before. It is said that 70% of a company’s budget goes to running the whole business and only 10% for transformation. That’s why you won’t be surprised anymore if companies introduce new development and upgrades for their existing products.  Cisco Systems launched its new services with the intention to give its partners an advantage against its competitors. This move was made because of the complaints from their customers who are struggling with operating complicated and large enterprises. The company needed to do something to address such complaints, thus the new and improved service. The new service seems promising. Know more about the new AI-powered predictive service as described in this article. This might be what you need to improve the IT operations management in your company.  Read on. -Marie Soriano


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