Gartner Peer Insights Review: BMC TrueSight App Visibility Manager

June 15, 2016 / GuidesFor Team

“But, more importantly, it teaches IT – the folks who should more easily learn the tool in the first place because they have to remain far more current with technology tools — both the nature and the need for analytics.”

In his IT Business Edge Column, Rob Enderle is referring to BMC’s True Sight Intelligence – and in focusing on that particular enhancement, it elevates the solution into a category all its own.  CEO’s and their department heads will agree that data interpretation and analysis are key to making those right business decisions that can move a company forward, or greatly expand its market share.  However, truth be told, a majority of them does not have the time, patience, or interest to actually study the solution.  Assigning it to their IT workforce may be convenient, but this particular department will assess the technological capabilities, but not necessarily the insights that the data will bring.

BMC’s True Sight Intelligence redefines the category of user-friendliness and actually has been enabled to teach data analysis, its purpose and methodologies to the non-IT person.  It creates a learning experience that expands the horizons of decision-makers while potentially forming a bridge between IT specialists and the other non-IT staff that can make the organization stronger.  Read the review for more.

If IT can learn to use and value analytics tools, it can better perform a critical bridge role: helping users learn to properly use the tools.

Read the source article at IT Business Edge

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